Spring Term 2024

Our topic this term is Victorians and the children will be thinking about whether or not they would like to have been alive in the Victorian era. In the first half of the term we have been finding out where the Victorian era fits within British history and have created quizzes about the life of Queen Victoria. The children enjoyed learning about inventions of the time and how the industrial Revolution affected Britain. The children produced and shared some wonderful diaries following their research on life in the workhouse.

In Maths we are coming to the end of our learning about fractions, percentages and decimals - our knowledge of times tables is, as ever, proving very useful with this! We will be moving onto learning about shape, and in particular, angles within shape very soon.

In English we are loving reading Berlie Doherty’s Street Child and the children have enjoyed meeting the varied characters in the book so far. They are enjoying predicting what might happen in the story and can’t wait to read more each day! The main character, Jim, has been the inspiration for some wonderful creative writing and poetry.

In Science we are learning about living things and their habitats and are getting to grips with naming the many parts of a flower and describing their function. We have also explored non-flowering plants and the life cycles of mammals, birds, amphibians and insects. In the second half of the term we will be discovering how living things are classified and about the work of Carl Linnaeus.

In art we have explored the work of William Morris and created prints inspired by his love of nature, evident in his wallpaper designs.

In R.E. the children have been exploring the concept of Brahman and how this influences the lives of Hindus. They made card cut-outs to illustrate Brahman shining through.