Reading and writing at Slindon

Intent for reading

At Slindon Church of England Primary School, we have a thirst for reading and fully recognise the intrinsic role it plays within our approach to teaching and learning. A huge emphasis is therefore placed on reading at every possible opportunity, whether the pupils are at home or in school. It is our aim to develop and create passionate readers for life.

At our school, we recognise the importance of reading as an essential life skill, that provides access to the experiences of people from different cultures and times. Children must acquire good reading skills in order to access the information that will support their development in all curriculum areas and to be able to flourish in their learning.


Intent for writing

At Slindon Church of England Primary School, we recognise that writing is integral to all aspects of life and we endeavour to ensure that children develop a lifelong, enthusiastic attitude towards writing. The skill of writing enables pupils to communicate with themselves and others while documenting and conveying their knowledge and ideas. Building on experiences, it encourages expression and higher order thinking skills to develop. Thus, creating a culture of writing in our school ensures our children are given the best opportunities to build their capacity and confidence in a range of writing styles. By creating a stimulating environment and employing appropriate resources, we are determined to provide all pupils with a supportive writing curriculum which will allow learners to recognise their full potential and develop their:

• Literacy

• Creativity

 • Independence

• Inquisitiveness

 • Inquiry skills

• Confidence

Writing skills underpin most elements of the school curriculum and is an essential life-skill. Considering the fundamental importance of writing in everyday life, we are driven by the need to develop each learner’s writing ability, thus enabling them to play a full part in society.

Reading and Writing are a fundamental right for all children.
At Slindon CofE Primary School we want to enable the children to develop their love of reading and writing, through high quality texts, immersion into the writing process and allowing the children to write for different audiences and purposes.
Across the school year the children have the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of texts, which lead to high quality reading and writing outcomes. We also encourage the children to write across the curriculum giving them an opportunity to write for different purposes and in different styles.