What the pupils have to say...

This is the only school that has made me feel happy.     Alarna


All the children and teachers are amazing.   Olivia


The teachers are nice and caring.      Willow


I really enjoy being in my class.       Sophie


It has showed me kindness and is the only place where I feel happy.   Ethan W


There are a lot of kind people here and no bullies.     Charlie B


Everyone is friendly and I feel safe.    Lloyd


This is one of the best schools I’ve been to.   Ethan D


All of the adults are really kind and caring.   Benji


A little school can mean so much!    Lilah


Everyone is really funny and fun!     Dexter


The school community is loving and friendly.    Samuel


All the teachers are fun, kind and caring!      Ollie


I really like the nature all around us.     Logan


We have really lovely fields and a great mound to roll down.      Charlie M


The nature around us is infinitely inspiring.     Lloyd


We respect everybody for who they are - Ollie


The teachers are great and helpful - Aimee


I love coming to school because the people here are all nice - Dexter


I always have so much fun here - Roo


People are always kind to me - Charlie B


The teachers and other children encourage me to try my best - Kobi