Chestnut Class Residential

This week the children in Chestnut Class (Years 5 and 6) returned from a fun-packed residential visit to Hooke Court in the beautiful Dorset countryside.

The children enjoyed a wide variety of educational activities such as bush craft, where they got to gut and cook rainbow trout fresh from the river and to make chicken stew, using flints to cut up the chicken, before it was cooked on the open fire.

They loved making and setting off rockets which went so far they couldn’t be retrieved.  

They solved a murder mystery based on the residents at Hooke Court during WWII and had great fun baking jam tarts, scones and carrot cakes using WWII rations. The scariness of experiencing the air raid shelter during a bombing was quickly followed by a celebratory V.E. Day party.

Decoupage and quilling provided a few moments of peace and relaxation!

On the last day we all had a fantastic time at Bovington Tank Museum learning about and exploring the many awesome tanks - in the children’s words.