Refugee Week 2021 - We Cannot Walk Alone

Refugee Week 2021
This year's theme is - We Cannot Walk Alone
This week is Refugee Week, a week to highlight the experiences, contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. The theme this year - 'We Cannot Walk Alone' - encourages us to remember that despite our differences we are all part of a 'bigger us' and none of us can walk alone. 
At Slindon, we have been  sharing books, watching short films, writing, discussing and creating artwork inspired by the stories of people who have sought refuge and safety in countries far from their own. 
Acorn class watched a short film and imagined what it must be like to have to move to another country where the people, language, sounds and tastes are completely different.
We also had a chance to compare walking around our beautiful school grounds alone and then with our friends. It was definitely very weird walking alone. Ms Poulton shared a book, Azzi In Between and we all agreed that we are a kind, caring and welcoming community and always try our best to be great friends.