Science Week 2023

Science Week 2023 - CONNECTIONS! 
It is Science Week and the children have been exploring the theme of 'Connections' in their classes. 
Connections in science can be interpreted in a variety of ways. This could be connections in the human body, such as the nervous system, it could be connections between people through email or phone calls, or it could be connections to outer space or in the animal kingdom. 
Each class has their own take on the theme and have been introduced to new scientific concepts.
In Acorns, the room was changed into a crime scene and someone stole Miss Heater's whiteboard. They looked at Fantastic Fingerprints and how they can connect a criminal to  crime.
Hazel class created moon dials, this shows the phases on the moon which have a strong connection to earth.
Catkins have been building bridges to get them thinking about the connections weights, measures and forces.
In Chestnuts, they created seismometers to measure seismic vibrations and investigation connections of seismic activities.