Hearts of Gold

The first week of February kicks off with national Children's Mental Health Awareness week. The theme is 'express yourself' and we will be encouraging everyone to wear something each day that says something about you - it could be a yellow jumper that expresses a sunny feeling, a cycling helmet to express a passion for biking, or a quirky colourful outfit to express your fun personality. During our live learning sessions we would love to see you expressing yourself and if you feel particularly proud take a selfie and we can share it here. We will also be partnering with West Sussex NHS trust's Heads On charity and making golden hearts to give thanks for all those people in our community who do wonderful things to help us. 
It's been a really tough year for us all and lockdown can be particularly stressful for children and families. But don’t let the pressure of parenting get you down. Try these simple tips and tricks, formulated by researchers and NHS mental health experts, which are backed by science and proven to work with families - Family tips and tricks
And here are a couple of mood movers for Ks1 and Ks2 children.
Catkins class, if you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, bored or fidgety why not get that mood moving with this fun song and workout - Supermovers
Acorns and Chestnuts why not give this one a go - Moodmovers
We are looking forward to some lovely activities and time for discussion this week. If you have any questions or suggestions then do get in touch.
Rachel Poulton (PSHE lead teacher)