School of Sanctuary

Slindon CE Primary School and Slindon Village
are part of a welcoming culture of friendship and solidarity - 
City of Sanctuary UK 
We are really pleased to say that Slindon CE Primary School is a supporting organisation of City of Sanctuary UK. City of Sanctuary UK is part of a movement that aims to work with others and build a united voice to advocate for people seeking sanctuary across the UK. 
City of Sanctuary started with the vision that the UK should be a welcoming and safe place for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution.
As a school community within a supportive village community, we are committed to, and share the values of City of Sanctuary which are:
INCLUSIVE - We welcome and respect people from all backgrounds, place the highest value on diversity and are committed to equality.
OPEN - We are committed to a culture of working collaboratively across the City of Sanctuary networks and in partnership with others.
PARTICIPATION - We work with people seeking sanctuary and value and recognise the contribution of all. We aspire to ensure people seeking sanctuary are involved in all decision making and are supported to become leaders in the organisation, networks, and the wider movement.
INSPIRE - We work with enthusiasm and positivity and are determined to surpass what has already been achieved We act as a catalyst for change by being open to new and innovative ideas, sharing knowledge and working in partnership.
INTEGRITY - We aspire to high standards of honesty and behaviour, and always to act in the interests of people seeking sanctuary.
People seeking sanctuary will receive an understanding, friendly and warm welcome from all of us here at Slindon CE Primary. 
We are committed to turning our compassion into action - teaching and learning about why people seek refuge in the UK is embedded in our curriculum, we celebrate and fundraise during refugee week and we are always keen to be part of campaigns for change. 
We will be working with City of Sanctuary UK and our local network, Sanctuary in Chichester, to work towards completing our School of Sanctuary award ... watch this space!