Tuppeny Barn

On Wednesday this week, the whole school were treated to a fabulous day out at Tuppeny Barn in Southbourne to further their learning outside the classroom on the theme of 'Harvest'. 
The children enjoyed a variety of workshops around horticulture, healthy eating, sustainable development and wildlife.
This is what the children had to say:
My favourite thing was preparing the vegetables for the soup.  - Ben
The soup was really delicious. - Lucy
The most interesting thing I learnt was how the barn was built out of sustainable materials. - Daisy
The best thing was smelling and tasting the herbs on our tour of the outside area. - Emile
It was fascinating to learn that the honey bees can melt a wasp by circling around it and flapping their wings to create heat. - Lilija
I liked identifying the different vegetables. - Jake
The best thing was the shed being made out of recycled bottles. - Rocco
I loved making a map of the vegetable beds and painting it with dye from berries, leaves, soil and flowers. - Imogen
I really enjoyed making a plant pot out of newspaper for a daisy seedling. - Robyn 
The cleverest thing we learnt was about the bees waggling their bottoms to give each other directions to the nectar! - Chestnut Class