Chestnut Class Residential

This week the children in Chestnut Class (Years 5 and 6) returned from a fun-packed residential visit to the CYE Sailing Centre in Bosham, Chichester.

The children enjoyed various activities such as a challenging assault course where they got to test their strength and balance and develop their teamwork as they problem solved their way through the ‘swamp’.

They played lots of fun games and tested their nerve, many overcoming their fear of the dark in the 250 metres of over-ground pipes that create the tunnelling system.

Great fun was had paddling the rafts the children had assembled by first following the instructions to correctly join together two canoes to make a stable craft!

Perhaps the favourite activity was sailing out into Chichester harbour on Mary and Temelda.

On the last morning all the children had a session of kayaking in the harbour.