Acorn's Endurance Day

Endurance Day 
Our muddy adventure!
On a cold, wet day in November, the children of Acorns class came to school prepared for adventure...and that is exactly what they got. 
Mr Mayne arrived at school with grand plans and armed with their water bottles and warm clothes they set out into the school field. They were welcomed by a plethora of exciting equipment and the children were keen to get started. They began with some warm-up games to get their bodies ready, followed by some rules and expectations. 
The children then began their assault course - first walking across a plank, then onto a tyre, followed by hurdles, and then the children had to crawl through the mud and through a hoop before commando crawling under a camouflage net and popping up the other side. They ran all the way back to start and did it again!
Some of the children went round the course 8 or 9 times before the session finished. They had a fantastic time and we had a had a lovely quiet afternoon where they were all so worn out! 
Mr Mayne's activities help the children to develop resilience, team work, confidence, honesty and respect. The children definitely showed these skills during the day! 
"This was the best day at school ever" - Ethan
"I went round 8 times" - Roo 
"I'm so muddy but I love it" - Darcie