Summer 2022

Acorns trip to WWT in Arundel 
As always, the children made Slindon school proud with their excellent behaviour and with the great respect they showed for the public and the people who work there. 
Before we went on the trip we read a story about Ava. Ava was an Osprey that turned into half bird and half girl. During the trip we learned more about Ava and her journey. The children also learned how to become Guardians of the Wild which means they will be able to know how to protect nature. 
I am looking forward to watching the children's progress in becoming Guardians of the Wild. 
Summer Term 2022
After a well-deserved Easter break, the children have returned to school ready to start their new topic - Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. 
The children are very excited about this terms topic and have already began their English work on the Anglo-Saxon tale - Beowulf.
We have also been looking at why the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons came from across the sea and made fact-files about Viking life. 
In maths we have continued with Multiplication and Division and they are learning new skills and strategies to help them with these. 
We have been loving the warmer weather and our time in the forest. We have been times table hunting and have made Viking long boats out of what we can find in the forest.