Spring Term 2020

Dear Parent and Carers,

This term the children will be ‘Intrepid Explorers’, learning all about the Arctic and Antarctic including: what these habitats are like, which animals and people live there and much more! They will be finding out about explorers and in particular the life of Captain Scott as a significant individual who has contributed to international achievement by travelling to the Antarctic. The children will also learn about   Ann Bancroft a modern day explorer. They will become explores themselves and find out what would be best to take on an expedition to the Antarctic.

In English we will be reading the story 'Lost and Found' all about the missing penguin from Antarctica, we will discuss how the penguin felt at the beginning of the story when he was all alone and lost. We will came up with some amazing WOW words to describe how he might have felt such as 'terrified, lonely, worried, anxious and frightened.'

Here are some great websites for you to have a look at!








Thank you for your continued support and feel free to come and talk to me if you have any issues or concerns.

Many Thanks

Mrs Bonney and Mrs Mayne


Dear Parents and carers,


3...2...1…Blast off!

 Catkins class have zoomed into the spring term by designing and making their very own Moon Buggies. The class have been using hacksaws and vices to cut the wood required for their buggies, they then attached axels and wheels before adding the finishing touches, such as satellites and seats.  (see picture album)

 As part of our topic, ‘Blast Off!’ our literacy focus this half term is ‘The Man on the Moon’ by Simon Bartram. This story will help Catkins class take a journey into space and encourage their reading writing skills.

 We will be exploring the expeditions of Astronauts such as Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong and learning about their incredible adventures. 

Catkins are really excited about learning to play Recorders in Music with Mr Mott and have been having fun making different shapes with their bodies in gymnastics. 

Catkins class will be having a fantastic finish to this half term with a ‘Trip to the Moon Day’! Further details about this will follow.

 Kind regards,



Mrs Bonney, Miss Heater and Mrs Mayne