Autumn Term 2018

This term we began our learning journey with a question ‘Where do I belong?’
The children will explore belonging to their families, our school and the wider community. Our children really enjoy talking about themselves and the people close to them. In English we started by reading poems by Michael Rosen, e.g. Lost, I’m Angry and We’re going on a Bear Hunt. The children enjoyed watching Michael Rosen perform his poems and were then able to talk about their favourite poem and give their reasons for their choice. Year 1 went on to act out ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt ‘and really enjoyed watching their performance on the plasma screen.
We are now reading the story Owl Babies as part of our 'Talk for Writing' work. The children will create their own story maps, sequence the story cards, create character profiles and finally write their own version of the story adding a new character.
In maths we have been working on place value including identifying and representing numbers using objects and pictorial representations, including the number lines. Year 2 have enjoyed exploring place value using their chosen equipment, Cuisenaire seems to be a favourite!
The children will create a timeline for themselves and start to think about ‘family trees.’ In Science our theme is animals, including humans. The children have drawn and labelled their body parts, named and described how we use our senses and are thinking about what animals and humans need to survive. They will be carrying investigations and recording their observations using scientific vocabulary.
Reception enjoy free flow both indoor and outdoor. We are very lucky to have our own outdoor area for the children to explore, investigate and share their ideas with their new friends. They have been working on their counting skills and exploring with the Numicon tiles, investigating shapes in the environment and using the balance scales to compare weights of various items. The children have been fishing in the water tray catching the odd duck and our small world farmyard is very busy with the cows being moved in and out of the barn throughout the day