What the pupils have to say...

We work as a team – Lily Rose


Everybody is very friendly and kind – Oscar


We have lots of great facilities and fantastic equipment, including the Coronation Hall and St Mary’s Church in the village  – Josiah


We are a small school community and as close as a family – Catherine 


We are Christian school and we care for everyone – Lily Rose


We have lots of after school clubs, such as sports club, lego, dance, music, puzzles and problem solving, craft – Holly


We made honey cakes when studying the Romans and satziki and barley bread when we studied the Greeks – Lily-Rose


Each year we make a Christingle out of an orange, sweets and a candle and we take them to Church and light them as part of out Christingle service – Theo


As well as Math and English everyday, we learn all sorts of amazing subjects including French, swimming and P4C –Emmie 


We don’t hurt each other and we are kind. So our school is a safe place– Jake


Our teachers are kind and caring– Harry


We always respect each other- Daisy


We are really kind to each other– Rocco


We don’t bully and we always include other people in our games– Lucy and Imogen


We like to share our ideas and to help other children in our class- Robyn


We always encourage children who aren’t sure about how to do something– Emile


On the playground we are nice and safe and will always help each other if we get hurt– Ben


All the teachers are loving, caring and kind- Imogen


When I first joined the school, I wasn’t very sure and was nervous. But the children and teachers are welcoming and kind. So now I am not nervous– Lilija-Eve