What the pupils have to say...

We don’t hurt each other and we are kind. So our school is a safe place – Jake


We are really kind to each other– Rocco


We don’t bully and we always include other people in our games – Lucy and Imogen


 We always encourage children who aren’t sure about how to do something – Emile


On the playground we are nice and safe and will always help each other if we get hurt – Ben


All the teachers are loving, caring and kind - Imogen


We love everybody in our school - Alarna


We respect everybody for who they are - Ollie


Every new person who comes to our school we treat with care and compassion - Harry


School is fun - Sam


The teachers are great and helpful - Aimee


I love coming to school because the people here are all nice - Dexter


I always have so much fun here - Roo


People are always kind to me - Charlie B


The teachers and other children encourage me to try my best - Kobi