Religious Education


At Slindon, we believe that our Religious Education curriculum provides rich opportunities to develop concepts and skills that will help children to make sense of their own experiences and beliefs, and to understand the beliefs and practices of members of faith communities.

At Slindon we aim to:

  • Demonstrate and display our clear Christian ethos around the school. Provide a wide range of quality experiences and opportunities to develop the children’s own beliefs and knowledge.
  • Provide the opportunity to learn about, understand and respect other worldwide and community faiths.
  • Provide quality teaching, and a broad range of recording methods that allows religious education to be exciting, active, thought provoking and creative. 

Our children will:

  • Be comfortable in their belief and able to communicate their feelings in a variety of ways.
  • Know how their faith shapes their lives, choices and decisions. Understand that our community, learning, local and global is made up of different faith groups and that understanding and tolerance is vital.
  • Have the necessary attitudes, skills and knowledge to be participators and responsible members of their community.