Summer Term 2018

After visiting Gaston Farm the children were very excited to start our topic on farming. We have been using the story of the Little Red Hen as part of our Talk for Writing. The children created their own story maps, character profiles and wrote their stories which included a new character on the farm. Reception have been writing shopping lists before visiting our farm shop set up in the barn and lists of animals used to create their own farms set up around our outside area.

We have been looking at materials as part of our science work. Year 2 children have carried out various investigations including: What ingredients were in the ‘Alien Soup’ and what kitchen roll absorbed the most water. This was helpful when it came to mopping up the mess when investigating the Alien Soup! Year 1 have been investigating the properties of materials found in and around our classroom. They used their findings to help rescue the hen, when she got herself stuck on top of a mountain. The children chose materials to build a strong bridge from the farm across the river to the opposite mountain and were able to bring the hen home to the farmer. Reception have been exploring how some of the outside equipment moves and were very excited when we switched on the bubble machine. I’m sure the screams of delight could be heard in Chichester as the children chased the bubbles around the playground, with shouts of ‘they are flying,’ ‘they are round and colourful,’ ‘the wind is making them fly high.’

In Maths Reception have set up a farm shop in the barn and have been encouraged to use everyday language to talk about money. They take turns to be the shop keeper and the customers. Year 1 have been using Numicon and the Cuisenaire to identify and represent numbers and then recording calculations on number lines. The children are using the language of: equal to, more than, less than, most and least. Whilst Year 2 have been working on fractions, finding halves, quarters and thirds of numbers and objects.