We believe that every child deserves success right from the start of their learning journey here at Slindon Church of England Primary School. We want all children to access reading and writing confidently and independently from an early age, to enable them to build a love of learning.


We teach phonics every day from 9.10-9.30 using a ‘Letters and Sounds’ based system with the same discrete daily teaching and rigour of the ‘Read, Write Inc’ programme.


As Reception children settle into their first half term, adults join children in their play to extend their talk and enrich their vocabulary. Children experiment with sounds, go on listening walks and begin to show an interest in letters and sounds through adult-led play and book sharing experiences. Children explore books, stories and songs with rhythm, rhyme and alliteration.


Children then begin discrete teaching of phonics and move from Phase 2 to Phase 6 whilst they are in Catkins class (through Reception, Year 1 and Year 2). In the Spring term, children in Reception may join other children in streamed phonic groups. Children in KS2 also join with the daily phonics teaching to continue to develop their phonic knowledge where appropriate.