13th July 2020 
Hello Acorns, 
This is my last entry on the home learning page this term! 
The last few months has been very different to what we are used to and I am very proud of each of you for all your hard work and perseverance. I have missed seeing you all everyday and am really excited for September to have you back. 
To get you ready for your return to school, I have added some transition packs for you to look at over the summer. So, year 3 will have a pack to help them with their move into year 4, and year 4 will have a pack to help them into year 5. 
As we have missed our regular English and Maths lessons it would be really good if you could practise your Common Exception words, Spellings and Times Tables over the summer. This will really help you with your work in your new year group and keep your brain happy :).
If you need any help before the end of term (17th July) please email the office ( and we will try to help you as much as possible. 
To the Year 4s who are going into Year 5, I would like to say a massive Thank you for helping me settle into Acorns class this year. You have been funny and kind which made things much easier for me. Good Luck with your new adventure in Chestnuts class! 
And to the Year 3s going up to Year 4, I would also like to thank you for helping me settle in to Acorns class. You will be fabulous role models for the new year 3's. 
Enjoy your Summer and I will see you in September! 
Miss Heater :) 
School Closure
 During the school closure, children in Acorns class should continue with their usual home learning tasks:
  • Reading for half an hour daily;
  • Practising your times tables on TTRS or on Maths Frame;
  • Learning to spell the common exception words identified in your home learning book and any others you cannot spell yet;
  • Finishing (or starting!) your Take-away-Task for this half term, which is on the class page of the school website.

You may also use any of the resources in the attached documents to keep you busy and learning!

If you wish, you may also look at the resources available for Catkins class if these are more suitable for you.


An excellent resource can be found at:                                                      The From our blog section has Learning at Home Packs for Maths and English with daily lessons for each year group.These include learning reminders, practice sheets at different levels (mild=easier; hot=harder) and answers.




Some great summer art ideas at the bottom of this section, have a go at any you like.


Here is a great power point introducing you to some amazing Anglo-Saxon art and crafts. Which do you like the most?

Could you design your own Slindon Primary Tapestry just like the Bayeux Tapestry? Using your awesome sewing skills why not try and create your own scene!


How would you tell the story of Slindon Primary School today? Who would be in your pictures? What activities would you include to show what life is like in our primary school? Would you show important items like: computers, the adventure playground, the huge oak tree? What scenes would show people in the future how we learnt and played in 2020?


You must have been beavering away and learning so much about the Anglo-Saxons and life in ancient Britain! I have been thinking about what they wore. Can you find out what they wore? We have some ideas of what they wore because archaeologists have found amazing artefacts like jewellery, buttons and belt buckles. Can you design and make your own belt buckle? Here is a planning sheet for a few ideas.