I hope these home learning activities have proven helpful and you have given some a go. I will try to add more each week! 

We have added some further Maths home learning resources taken from the Hamilton Website. 

We would love to see some picture of you doing your home learning. you can send them to 


School Closure
 During the school closure, children in Acorns class should continue with their usual home learning tasks:
  • Reading for half an hour daily;
  • Practising your times tables on TTRS or on Maths Frame;
  • Learning to spell the common exception words identified in your home learning book and any others you cannot spell yet;
  • Finishing (or starting!) your Take-away-Task for this half term, which is on the class page of the school website.

You may also use any of the resources in the attached documents to keep you busy and learning!

If you wish, you may also look at the resources available for Catkins class if these are more suitable for you.


An excellent resource can be found at:                                                      The From our blog section has Learning at Home Packs for Maths and English with daily lessons for each year group.These include learning reminders, practice sheets at different levels (mild=easier; hot=harder) and answers.


There are some lovely art activities online, take a look at some drawing ideas in the next column with the other resources for Acorns class. There are some pictures by Henri Rousseau for you to look at and some prompt questions to discuss. Or have a go at drawing your own picture in the style of Rousseau. YouTube is great for online tutorials, if you fancy drawing anything there is usually a YouTube tutorial.

Draw some rainforest animals: a toucan, sloth, monkey or tree frog? Which one will you choose?